Thursday, March 5, 2009

SAW this coming.

Have you ever watched one of those teen horror flicks where it is easy to see the stupid ones being killed off early. You scream at the screen, “Don’t go out into the woods you stupid idiot!”

As a lifelong Democrat, and rabid liberal, I’m going to offer the Republicans an option to get out of the mess they’re in right now. The one they must take, and only they can make it, if they want to end this wandering in the wilderness.

The Republicans must spearhead the criminal prosecution of the Bush administration.

A real criminal prosecution, not a flaccid exercise in procedural masturbation like a “Truth Commission,” but a full-blown torches and pitchforks demanding of a criminal trial and war-crimes tribunals.

Democrats won’t do it. Why is that?

Anytime a Republican wants to show he has found religion on the economy, Democrats whip out Bush.

Anytime a Republican wants to talk about Iraq, Democrats whip out Bush.

Anytime a Republican wants to talk about Healthcare Reform, Democrats whip out Bush.

Name the issue, and Bush screwed it up for the Republicans. They used to be the “Law and Order” people that got tough on crime.
Yeah, Bush really screwed them on that one. Bush’s buddies robbed more banks than Jessie James could in a million lifetimes, by going after the golden goose, the United States Treasury.

Republicans need to take away from the Democrats the well earned right of using Bush to show who got us here in the first place. It’s a gaping air-sucking wound on the country, and an almost terminal cancer on the GOP.

The Republicans must lead the most blood-thirstiest of mobs in demanding justice and the return for the rule of law. Or the old Vulcan saying, “Only Nixon could go to China.”

Republicans really don’t have much time either. They must go after Bush very, very soon, or we will enter a new political season and the tactic will look like simple partisan politics in a disingenuous “say anything” atmosphere. The Bush legacy will have metastasized on the GOP for a generation and their numbers in the congress will rival the Green Party.

The GOP used Jimmy Carter the way the Democrats are now using Bush, and the GOP did it for more than a generation. Bush’s legacy has got legs far beyond that, especially if Democrats keep dribbling out “newly discovered” documents to remind the people about Bush.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why are you giving the Republicans advice that will actually work?”

The answer, because they won’t do it. They can’t.

They’ve sold their souls and their party, which now has a market value of AIG. They have no integrity, no morals, no ideas or direction. Most members of the GOP know better than us, they’re not qualified to be in the Congress, that their seats were paid for by corrupt organizations. Their Over-Lords will not let them do the only thing that can save them, remove the cancer of the Bush Legacy.

In the movie SAW, there was a scene where the psycho-killer gave his prey the option to cut off his own leg with a hacksaw, in the quickest time possible, or die.

The Republicans are in same position right now, and doing nothing but bitch about it. It’s kind of entertaining to watch, especially with buttered popcorn.

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Lisa said...

I think that they are genetically programmed to be unable to break the #1 Republican Commandment: "Though shall not say anything bad about another Republican."

This is a great post.