Monday, June 30, 2008

The Temperament Issue and the MSM

After my return from a long overdue vacation, I noticed something that is really starting to bother me about the media’s love-affair with John McCain. They refuse to question the “temperament” issue.

During the 2004 Democratic race, Howard Dean was labeled a crazy person on the temperament issue. John Kerry, Captain Milquetoast himself, was questioned on the temperament issue because he tried to fluctuate is monotone voice that drove everyone to narcolepsy.

Yet, John McCain has escaped this scrutiny. The very same man who assaulted a women in a wheelchair back in 1996, because he was upset at something she said, according to Elliot D. Cohen in a guest column at Buzzflash. And even though there were several eyewitnesses and numerous complaints to the Republican controlled Senate Ethics Committee, it was never investigated.

Instead, when the MSM discuses McCain’s temperament, they say he “rises to passion” on issues he cares about. (Huh?)

If that’s not a media love affair, then it’s just blatant plagiarism of Jackie Collins. “Oh please, I so want to hear about John McCain’s passion…rising…” (rubbing nipples in a clockwise motion)

I mean, what’s not to love about John McCain’s old-person musk? And those body-crumbs, (gasp) are too sexy for words.

Sure he’s a grumpy old fart who reminds you of the Pappy who calls your sister a whore every Thanksgiving. Or, McCain could be the old-bat-shit crazy neighbor who threatens to kill your dog because somebody else’s dog was kind enough to shit on his lawn. To the media, it’s all good.

The media had better start doing their job and hold themselves to the same standards.

However, in a completely unrelated story, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to own a handgun in DC is an individual right enshrined in the Second Amendment.