Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarah Palin: Greatest Mind of Salem 1692

We already know Palin’s beliefs in “abstinence only” education, and the equally ironic teenage pregnancy of her daughter. We know that she was a huge supporter of making rape victims pay for their own rape-kits, but now we find out, she’s a huge supporter, a fan really, of Thomas Muthee the Kenyan Witch-hunter. Pastor Muthee is probably one of the most despicable humans to breathe our atmosphere. He gained political power in Kenya villages the through state sponsored terrorism of women. Muthee literally accuses women of witchcraft, and demands they either convert to his church, or leave town.

Now, you may be thinking this sound like an empty threat. However, that’s where the state terrorism comes into play. Muthee had the police conduct a raid on a local clinic, arrest the owner and shoot live rounds into the clinic. After a terrifying night at the hand of the local police who believed this woman an agent of the devil, she was released and summarily left town. The message had been sent, “Don’t cross Pastor Muthee, or something worse may happen to you.”
This is how Muthee converts, through sheer terrorism.
Apparently, Palin is in awe of this man and it’s becoming very apparent that Palin aspires to do the same.
Pastor Muthee has been a frequent guest at Palin’s Alaskan cult, the Wasilla Assemblies of God and Palin even credits her win as Governor to Pastor Muthee.

It’s become quite clear that Sarah Palin believes that her religious beliefs must be administered by the state. It’s only fair that since these beliefs will undoubtedly become national and international policies, much like, or even worse than the Bush administration, that “We the People” examine how perverse those philosophical differences are to our own values.

In truth, Sarah Palin is like beauty itself, only skin deep, and her ugly goes all the way to the bone.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Call McCain out on his Bullshit

The McCain Campaign is repeating one of Obama’s greatest virtues as though it was a malfunction. “He’s never gone against his party on any issue…” says McFancyPantsOnFire. No one has pointed out that in the years Obama has been in the Senate, the Democrats have yet to be on the wrong side of an issue. Why would Obama buck the party when they’ve been doing the right thing?

Which issue would McBush like to have seen Obama buck his party? Abortion? Torture? Give less body armor to the troops? Give more tax breaks to the uber-wealthy, corporate crooks and robber barons? Let New Orleans drown?

I think it’s time for Democrats to ask McCain which issue he thinks Obama could have bucked his party. For McCain to buck his party is easy, they’re always wrong, but Obama has yet to make a decision that would jeopardize his morals and integrity and McSame thinks that’s a bad thing.

In reality, it’s probably out of jealousy McCain keeps saying it. He’s turned into the whore on the Hill.

The dirty little secret is that any issue the Democrats have acted in a bi-partisan way, and been wrong, are issues that McCain can't afford to point out as being a “bad thing,” like Impeachment. All he can do is paint a picture that Obama is a “company man,” and McCain is the “rebel.”

It’s time to call McCain out on his Bullshit, one turd blossom at a time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin's Church is a cult

Sarah Palin belongs to the cult Assemblies of God, or “AoG.” Below is video of this organization, but interestingly, it’s under the banner of “Morning Star Ministries.”

I don’t know if anyone has told these people, but in Latin, “Morning Star” is “Lucifer.”

This would mean that Sarah Palin could very well be an agent of Say-Tin.

I don’t know why that would be surprising. James Dobson is totally smitten with Sarah Palin, and that should be confirmation enough that evil is afoot.

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.