Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prop 8: Right’s vs. Privilege

In California, the Mormon’s decided that some people just don’t deserve certain “rights” like the ability to love and marry the person they chose regardless of sex or sexual orientation. The LDS church in Utah blew over $20 million on a campaign to pass Prop. 8, a constitutional amendment saying that only a man and woman can marry.

All I can say is Wow! That’s pretty ballsy coming from the polygamist sect of fringe Christianity.

Now the topic needs to be disguised about tax-exempt status. In the United States, any religion not involved in politics as “a major role” of its mission qualifies for tax-exempt status.

Being tax-exempt is not a right, it’s a privilege endowed by the good graces of the people of the United States. LDS’s tax-free privileges have clearly been abused by denying civil liberties to some people, while free-loading off those same people who finance the governmental services the LDS church enjoys.

I’m not saying that the LDS church isn’t entitled to their First Amendment right to say what they want, they are always free to do so. I’m saying they should pull their own weight in paying for the government they expect to enforce this religious mandate.

They can preach, speak, lobby or propose ballot initiatives all they want, but they should pay taxes just like the rest of us.

Revoke LDS’s tax-exempt status now!