Saturday, October 18, 2008

Muthee Is A Liar: Witchcraft claims debunked.

Bishop Thomas Muthee is a complete fuck-wad. He made claims that he harassed and banished an old woman, who he accused of witchcraft from a Kenyan village, (as if it was a virtue), but as it turns out Muthee lied about the whole thing.

Journalist Zoe Alsop, writing for Womensenews, tracks down Mama Jane Njengu, the supposed "witch" Muthee boasts of having run out of town, and finds some interesting discrepancies. It seems Muthee's account is disputed by his victim...Oops.

Alsop explains:

Muthee claimed that police rescued Mama Jane from a lynch mob at the time,
and then whisked her away for good after gunning down a pet python they mistook
for a demon.

But some residents of Kiambu were somewhat skeptical of Muthee's

Not least among them is the herbalist Jane W. Njenga, a pastor with
the African Mission of Holy Ghost Church, who is best known as Mama Jane.
She says she didn't own a pet python and she's never left her compound, located
about a half-mile from Muthee's immense new church...Robust and topping six feet
in the trademark shiny white robes of her church, Njenga is undeniably still in

The Story has also been printed in the UK Daily Telegraph:

Bishop Thomas Muthee staked his early reputation in the town of Kiambu on boasts that he banished a witch named Mama Jane, whom he blamed for crime, traffic accidents and public drunkenness in town. Once she fled, Muthee claimed, her spell was broken and peace returned.

In fact, Mama Jane never left. She is a pastor just down the road from Muthee's Word of Faith Church.

‘Muthee was saying that this was a place of witch doctors - where do you see the witch?’ said Mama Jane, whose real name is Jane Njenga.

Muthee's claims tap into a powerful belief system across Africa. Evangelical Christian churches have become incredibly popular - there are 500 churches in Kiambu alone - but some religious leaders still exploit their followers' traditional belief in witchcraft and sorcery.

Muthee has been endorsed by C. Peter Wagner, leader of the Charismatic "New Apostolic Reformation", or “Third Wave” movement.

Wagner, a Col. Sanders looking fuck-wad from a bucket of KFC, a couple of months ago prophesized a glorious future for one evangelical leader, the only problem, he withdrew from public ministry following an affair.
Wagner is not your average theocrat. He’s one of the more militant pricks that makes Falwell and Robertson look warm and fuzzy. His books include such wonderful topics as “Dominion” which I assume includes domination over me. He’s also the author of the bed-side book “How to cast out Demons” for those looking for sugar-plums dreams, or useful tips in foreplay.

So I guess the moral of the story, Sarah Palin is not really protected against witchcraft and all she has to show for it is a youtube video that proves she’s a complete tool.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Palin Doctrine: Jesus was a terrorist

Sarah Palin has been trying to draw a connection between Sen. Obama and Bill Ayers, a 60’s era radical who has since taken a job as a professor at the University of Illinois.

The extremely loose connection between Obama and Ayers has been thoroughly debunked, but let’s follow the Palin’s train of thought upon herself.

Palin, has proclaimed on video that she believes Jesus Christ is the son of God and worships and loves him.

Who were Jesus’ closest friends?

Murderers, thieves and Prostitutes.

What does that say about Jesus? What does that say about Palin, who worships this man?

Jesus was a convicted criminal, who was executed for his crimes. Why does Palin worship criminal behavior?

Palin is a card carrying member of the “Third Wave” movement, who believe in a Christian Theocracy, even a military coup for creating a theocratic government.

So too did Eric Rudolph, a devout Christian himself who killed doctors and bombed women’s clinics for Jesus. Does Sarah Palin agree with Eric Rudolph, a terrorist who was recently executed for his crimes too?

I think is quite plausible to assume that the reason Sarah Palin is trying to associate Obama with terrorism is that she’s projecting her own ambitions upon Obama. Sarah Palin is the real terrorist, and she has drawn us a map to that conclusion.